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Making ideas a reality


  • Resource Consent Applications for Subdivision, Land Use, Land Disturbance (earthworks), Discharges to Air and Water, and for Works in the Coastal Marine Area.

  • Environmental Effects Assessment (AEE).

  • Plan Provisions Research and Analysis.

  • Submissions to resource consent applications and to local, regional and national policy, strategy and plans.

  • Local, Regional and National Policy and Strategy, Review and Analysis.

  • Variations and Plan Changes.

  • Expert Evidence for Council and Environment Court Hearings.

From urban to rural developments, city to coast, our planners can advise and assist in all aspects of resource management planning.

We can even advise on what not to do.

Our extensive experience includes successful outcomes for land developers, industry, local authorities and central government.  Whether it’s a bulk and location infringement on a residential site, or a larger scale residential, commercial or rural development we can assist in navigating the resource consent application and local authority plan process at district and regional levels.

resource consents

We can, and do, prepare resource consent applications for subdivision and land use projects on a daily basis.

From Dwellings to Cleanfills, and everything in between, we have proven expertise in navigating local authority planning processes to achieve successful outcomes for:

  • Infringements on residential, commercial and rural sites.

  • Subdivision, Building and Development within Ecological, Heritage and Protected Areas, and

  • Large Scale Subdivision, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural Development.

Making Ideas Reality

Solutions to Service Urban & Rural Development

Solutions to Service
Urban & Rural Development


  • Civil Engineering for Subdivision.

  • Stormwater, Wastewater, Water Supply Design and Approvals.

  • Earthworks design and sediment control.

  • Industry and Trade Waste.

  • Flooding and Coastal Hazard Reporting.

Sustainable solutions are at the heart of what we do. Our engineering team works collaboratively with clients to provide expert advice on practical and cost effective design solutions.

Handling projects from conception to completion

Project Management

  • A full management service for big or small projects with bespoke options to suit.

We provide a full project management service for land development and subdivision.

We can manage individual components or the entire land development project.  Our creative, methodical and resourceful personnel provide effective and efficient project management of big and small projects no matter what stage of the process.

Handling projects from Conception to Completion

Scoping Viable & Practical   Land Use Options

Scoping Viable & Practical

Land Use Options



  • Pre-purchase Advice.

  • Site Investigations and Scoping of Development Options.

  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting.

Tell us where your land is and we can undertake site investigations and scope realistic development options. We base our feasibility studies on surveying, planning and engineering constraints whilst having regard to local authority rules and regulations.


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